Lori Benton’s “The Woods Edge”


I write contemporary suspense fiction, but every once in a while, I like to immerse myself in a good historical read. Lori Benton has become one of my go-to authors when I’m ready to do just that. “The Wood’s Edge” transports you back to upstate New York in the mid-1700s, to conflicts between English settlers, Indians, and the French, and the struggle to survive in a hostile world. In an impulsive moment, a British major makes a decision that will affect the lives of many people. Love, hatred, fear, and hope play out on the pages like pieces of a mosaic. In the end, the picture that emerges is both thought-provoking and satisfying.

I love Lori’s deep research. I love her use of language. Archaic idioms (“In the past twelvemonth, her height had outstripped her weight.”) add flavor and texture to the work. It’s clear that she is deep in the story world as she writes–and she transported me there as well. Great job! I’m looking forward to a good soak in the sequel.