Sniper! Based on a true story ...

Sniper! takes place in Hampton Roads, the area in southeast Virginia that includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and several other communities. FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern (you know her from Seeds of Evidence) is standing next to her friend, a federal prosecutor, on the steps of the courthouse in Norfolk when the prosecutor is gunned down.

Over the days that follow, victim after victim falls in a series of apparently random shootings. As panic grips the Hampton Roads area, pressure mounts, and Kit soon finds herself directly in the crosshairs of her worst nightmares: failure, even death.

A special thank-you to my husband, Larry, who produces my Indie books. He has the ability to attend to detail that I completely lack. He adds features that I wouldn't have thought of, and patiently deals with computers, programs, and me.

Sniper! is a story I needed to write. First, I remembered all too well the tension that grips a community when random violence strikes. Second, I needed closure on the story of Kit and David from Seeds of Evidence. Whatever happened to them? 

Sniper! is the result and now I'm excited to share this story with you.