Presenting ... THE TIGER'S CAGE

Ever have a dream walk into your life, out of the blue, and refuse to leave? That's the story of my newest book, The Tiger's Cage. 

Let me explain: In December 1992 I had some minor knee surgery. One night, while I was recovering (and no, I didn't take anything stronger than Advil), I had an idea in the middle of the night: WHAT IF a 47-year-old, door-kicking FBI agent found his life spinning out of control because a bad guy kidnapped his son? What would he do? 

With my husband's encouragement, and the help of many agents at the FBI Academy where he worked, I began fleshing out the story. Soon, Tom Donovan began coming to life on my computer. His struggles, his passion, his grief took center stage in what would become a 325-page novel. 

Probably no one was more surprised than I was when, a year later, I had a pretty good book. I began trying to sell it, got many rejections, a few nibbles, and one big bite. But a fluky drop on the stock market scared that publisher off of an unknown author (me!) and I was back at Square One.

I didn't quit marketing that book or writing. I wrote the sequel to Tiger and one other book before my fourth book, Bloody Point, was picked up by River Oak, an imprint of David C. Cook. Success at last. Two more books by Abingdon Press followed. Then I Indie-published the sequel to Bloody Point.

Then, some 23 years after I first wrote Tiger, I decided it was time to send it off into the world--with the help of my husband, who does all the technical work. Why? Because some stories just won't leave you alone.

Interestingly enough, as I was editing it, I began to see significant themes and metaphors in Tiger that I'd never seen before. That's amazing! I can only assume this book will speak to someone about persistence, faith, and a father's strong love. I pray that it will. Because all these years later, it's still speaking to me.